Injection packer is a must in chemical grout used for injection of epoxy and polyurethane foam into holes penetrated at a pressure higher than 20kg/cm(max. Pressure 500kg/cm) on to concrete structure.

The injection packer is a tool for sealing works. It is tightly fixed in the drill hole of the building component and connects the injection device with the building. Under pressure the sealing material is injected into the damaged building component. Packers are made of different materials such as steel or plastic and various types of packers are available. The head is provided with a one-way valve, can prevent the slurry at high pressure into the pour spout. It is widely used with high pressure grouting machine.

Injection method:

Identify the crack.

Drill the holes 5 to 10 cm away from the crack at 45 toward the crack.

Clean the hole properly.

Insert the packer.

Fix and tight the packer.

Connect the pump to the packer and start injecting.

After injection material is totally dry, remove the packer.

Injection Range: