The electric high pressure injection pump is a professional machine used for fabric high pressure chemical grouting, which works with single chemical grouting material. It can produce high pressure itself. When there are leakage-stop constructions on engineering include architecture, underground, water conservancy, environment protection, civicism, subway, tunnel, culvert, crack reinforcement, it is the preferred equipment.


1, before starting, please confirm whether the switch of electric drill is in R (Forward) position or not. 

2, Electric drill is not allowed to operate in the mode of hammer drill. 
3, check whether the various parts of screw is off or not. High-pressure pipe and switch valve must be locked when junction. 
4 regulating the speed of electric drill up to the maximum, the hand switch of electric drills at a fixed start, controlling operation in the switch of wire
5, axis and the pump have hexagonal copper screw cap (17 wrench) with thick Teflon for the leak-proof function. When injecting, if appearing oil spills there, please adjust copper screw cap to the appropriate level. 
6, maximum instant pressure of the machine is 10000spi. When injecting, must consider the pressure degree of water-sealing needle for reducing the risk. 
7, when operating epoxy resin, please do it within approved hours of epoxy resin operation, referring to the temperature of epoxy resin. If the temperature of epoxy resin appears to signs of rising, be sure to stop work immediately and use special cleaning agent cleaning the machine, making sure to clean up, indeed. 
8, this machine is not allowed to inject the liquid with particles, such as resin mortar. 
9, after finishing operation, make sure immediately cleaning the machine by the special cleaning agent for 2 to 3 minutes. After washing, stay the cleaning agent inside of the perfusion machine to avoid medicament residues resulting in jam. 
10. Please wear your goggles when injection, avoiding to spray medicament into your eyes. 
11, it is not allowed to pour the particles into the cup when pouring (to avoid scratching the pressure pump).

Description:Double Liquid High Pressure Injection machine with Hitachi drill 

1.Net weight: 13kg

2.Maximum output pressure:  10000psi 

3.Pressure of starting again:   ≤7500psi  

4.Max blast pressure of high pressure hose:10000psi

5.Safe range of switch valve:  ≤10000psi

6.Drill Power: 690w/220v(Hitachi)

7.Hose Length:5M

Meas.:33.8*33*52 M=0.058CBM